Marthe, Monat 6

Uwababyeyi Marthe

Jugendmuseum Schoeneber

Personal Reflection

I have a small book I use to write every new word I meet during conversation because my tutor from working place has requested everyone to talk to me in Germany. So, it was nice idea from her and she told me it is even better more than taking new language course.

Special nice moments during 6 months

Christmas celebration with the guest family: I enjoyed time with my guest family. It was nice atmosphere. New Year celebration at Allgoeu with my guest brother Lukas, Paula, Lena, Karoline and Yogesh. They have made my 2014.

I liked moment we had in Jena during mid seminar: It was good to share experiences with other volunteers and have special friendship with Zugvoegel members in Jena. They were nice to us. Everyone was engaged and motivated.

Christmas party of Zugvogoel and guest family: I enjoyed the game of exchanging the gifts. The atmosphere. It was wonderful. Holidays in the other parts of Germany: Dresden, Kassel, Dortmund, Mannheim, Mainz, Freiburg, Moenster.


Difficult moment

I have gotten a tooth operation but it was horrible. I did not feel comfortable to get sick when I am not at home in Rwanda but my guest family has done their best to help me and take care of me. Because of their love it healed very fast.

What I learnt

1. Methods needed to work with kids.

2. To prepare the workshop and project in terms of materials

3.Taking responsibility Special things I am learning: playing piano and driving Bicycle The half time seminar in Jena: the atmosphere was nice, we had interesting workshop topics, and the responsible persons were engaged and well prepared.

The parts of seminar I liked were


In the next 6 months feelings that I expect is to stay in contact with my tutors, working place, my guest family and regional group of zugvoegel in Berlin. Those are important people for me who are helping me gain more experiences and being integrated in German society. I wish that the curve of my year successful keep positive direction not going down. I am planning to start a project in Rwanda which can teach children culture and history when I will be back in Rwanda but I still need ideas how it can work.

Host family

Difference I can say is that in Rwanda I was living with young people so, I had  no that kind of care from parents but here it is more relaxed and I am treated like their child so, they are interested to know how was my day and I feel at home for sure.


When I was there before I was working also on Exhibition service and I am not involved anymore because the museum had feelings that it was stressful for me. My opinions are always valued and accepted in the project or whatever we can plan at our project. Sabine is very nice to me. She is doing her best so that I can gain many thinks during this year. I was happy to have her as my tutor from work place.


I really feel like theater playing is my hobby because I discovered that I am talented in it.  The contact with my family in Rwanda did not change we are communicating most of every day but we are missing each other.

Additional information

It was a very good opportunity to come and make this intercultural exchange and make more experiences about global learning. So, I got to know the image of Africa in Germany society and I had feeling that some people have wrong image on Africa or Rwanda my home country. So, I was my time to represent and show the positive image of Africa. Sometimes I was very sad according to the questions I met about Rwanda but on the other side I was good to have opportunity to explain it.  After knowing the image of Africa in Germany my level of being proud and thankful of Zugvoegel, guest family and working place was raised at a very high level because of their open mind and engagement. Together we can change society. 

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