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You are interested in working with us? Can you imagine taking on a volunteer in your project? However there are still some questions? Maybe this FAQ will answer some of them. Otherwise we are happy to hear from you via e-mail!


Is it even possible that foreigners do a BFD?

Yes, the BFD is explicitly open to foreigners. They do not need a work permit to do a BFD. However, they do require a residence title for specific purposes which entitles the volunteer to employment. Such a residence permit can be granted under §18 of the German law on residence.


Do the volunteers speak German?

We do not require a certain level of German in order to apply to our program. If we did that we would take the risk to promote only a very small elite that could also finance a voluntary service abroad on their own. We, however, aim to provide people with the opportunity that would otherwise never have this chance. Nevertheless, we do require that the volunteers have the willingness to learn German. They must be aware of the fact that this requires a lot of work and they must show in the application interviews in our cooperation countries that they take this challenge seriously. As an association we support the volunteers as best as we can in that respect, by organizing tandem partner in their countries of origin and paying a German course here in Germany.


Who are the volunteers?

Formally our own requirement is that the volunteers must be over 18. Mainly, however, they are young people between 20 and 25. Some of them have already finished their studies and bring a lot of practical experience with them. Our volunteers are very diverse. All of them connect the will to get involved. An indicator is prior voluntary work. At the moment we receive people from Ecuador, Nepal and Rwanda.


What are the costs the project will have to cover?

The law concerning the BFD affirms a duty to pay the volunteers an adequate pocket money as well as to cover the necessary insurances. Additionally the project bears the costs for possible work outfits. According to A rt. 17 para. 3 of the law on the federal voluntary service the federal state refunds the expenses with the means assigned to that end in the budget.


How long do the volunteers stay in Germany for?

The volunteers live and work in Germany for one year.


And when there are problems?

We assign two mentors to every volunteer that guide him. They support the volunteer in every way they can. They also mediate if there are problems with the project. They have already made experience in intercultural exchanges and can therefore often evaluate situations in a rather distinct way.

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