Voluntary Program

An essential element of the volunteer program is the proper preparation for the voluntary service. Our partner organization select the volunteers, conduct preparation seminars, overcome bureaucratic obstacles and organize courses before the volunteers come to Germany. In the partner countries these organization are independently active and conduct further programs. Here we want to give them the opportunity to present themselves and their work.

Aves de Paso Ecuador

"Aves de Paso Ecuador" (Birds of passage) is an organization made up mostly of former volunteers of the Zugvögel-program. Our group consists of people with the same dreams and the same desire to meet our goals: Achieving a TRUE CULTURAL EXCHANGE globally. This means destroying barriers that primarily give preference to an economic and not the social standard is our dream. We want to make possible that also other people can realise the dream that we once fulfilled for ourselves. We beliebe in taking volunteerism as a tool and using it to enable the above named and cultural exchange.

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Hello everybody.

We are pleased to greet you and present us as partner organization. We are organized in a work team named Ts’ununetik México, what means hummingbird in tsotsil, one of the local languages of Chiapas. We decided to adopt this symbol because of its spiritual and powerful meaning, since it represents, amongst other things, happiness, beauty, love of live and the experiences deriving therefrom.

The working group was established and is constituted mostly by young students of social sciences who are interested in promoting horizontal and more equitable South-North interchanges. We consider that, to be democratic and rewarding, these processes require necessary and diverse experiences, that also include young people, that hardly have access to those experiences.

At the moment Paulina Mendoza, Margarita Rodríguez, Laura Serrano and Tanía Ávalos are involved in the programme. Members and founders also have been Ariadna Ramos und Manuel Martín.

You can find more information on Ts’ununetik here.

Akanyoni Kaguruka

Muraho neza,

we – the members of the association “Akanyoni Kaguruka” - would like to take this opportunity to present us and the work which we do in Rwanda as partner organization of the Zugvögel.

Since we have all made experiences with German weltwärts volunteers in Rwanda – be it in a professional context or also through personal contact – we liked the idea to offer the same chance to young Rwandan people. We are a young, non-profit association with eight permanent members on the whole, coming from different educational and professional backgrounds.

We all share the understanding that intercultural exchange and global learning can only rise up to its full potential when people from so called “developing countries” get an insight into so called “industrial countries”. “Reverse” voluntary services could be a good strategy, as we see it, to put an end to the overall one sided and paternalistic relations between “industrial countries” and “developing countries”. But also very generally we want to support the idea of voluntary service to raise awareness in people for social exclusion and therefore enhance a feeling for solidarity in society. Especially in the Rwandan youth.

We plan our activities during regular meeting which we hold in our free time. Our main tasks are the selection of the volunteers who will go to Germany as well as a first preparation, which should make it easier for the volunteers to find their way in the receiving country and at their work place.

Part of the preparation is also the participation in a language course, in regular meetings and also in the preparation seminar. However, we also use the seminars to talk about racism, “being different & feeling different”, global learning and intercultural exchange.

Concerning the selection process of the volunteers we want to make sure that it is and remains transparent. Decisive for the selection is our conviction that the voluntary year should be enriching to the partner organization, the host family and volunteer him_herself. Of course we also try to make sure that we find volunteers who will support the activities of our association once they come back.

We reach that goal by making our program public. After we have received the written applications we invite the most apt candidates to a selection workshop. The final decision for or against a candidate is made on a consensual basis.

Although we were not able to find a female candidate during our first selection workshop we feel convicted to “Gender Equality” and we hope to be able to send a young woman as volunteer soon.

Murakaza neza.


You can find ore information on Akanyoni Kaguruka on their facebook page.



BEYOND Nepal is a non governmental organization, which was founded in 2009 by a Korean woman (Seong Mi Jeong) and a Nepalese man (Sachit Jha), to combat different problems in Nepal with a multilevel approach. The four aspects that BEYOND Nepal builds upon are education, democracy, solidarity and sustainability – and they are to be found in the diverse projects, which go from sustainable agriculture over health education up to initiatives to strengthen women's rights. BEYOND Nepal is financially independent as they own a cafe in Bhaktapur (a city near Nepal's capital Kathmandu).

A regular exchange of volunteers between Korea and Nepal is something very special that BEYOND and the Zugvögel have in common.

You can find more information on BEYOND Nepal here http://www.beyondnepal.org

VSO Uganda


VSO Uganda

VSO is an independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. We believe that people are the key to overcoming poverty. VSO's high-impact approach involves working with locally-led partner organizations by bringing people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action, and change lives to make the world a fairer place for all. In Uganda, VSO focuses on inclusion and accountability around the key sectors of primary education, primary healthcare, and livelihoods.

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