Marthe, 6 months

Uwababyeyi Marthe

Jugendmuseum Schoeneber

Personal Reflection

I have a small book I use to write every new word I meet during conversation because my tutor from working place has requested everyone to talk to me in Germany. So, it was nice idea from her and she told me it is even better more than taking new language course.

Special nice moments during 6 months

Christmas celebration with the guest family: I enjoyed time with my guest family. It was nice atmosphere. New Year celebration at Allgoeu with my guest brother Lukas, Paula, Lena, Karoline and Yogesh. They have made my 2014.

I liked moment we had in Jena during mid seminar: It was good to share experiences with other volunteers and have special friendship with Zugvoegel members in Jena. They were nice to us. Everyone was engaged and motivated.

Christmas party of Zugvogoel and guest family: I enjoyed the game of exchanging the gifts. The atmosphere. It was wonderful. Holidays in the other parts of Germany: Dresden, Kassel, Dortmund, Mannheim, Mainz, Freiburg, Moenster.


Azucena after 3 months

Die Kinder beim EssenSo now it is already 3 months since I came to Germany. It was a hard change for me, on the one hand because of the cold (the winter) on the other hand because of the new time zone and also the culture shock. :D I seemed like an old woman (hahaha), who was scared of everything, but then it became clear to me that [what scared me] was normal here. There are positive and negative things but with time I adapted and I learned more about German culture.

Now I am here and I play my part as a volunteer. My expectation concerning my work were not very clear because I didn't know exactly what I would be doing and what kind of a place it would be where I would do my project. But I had an idea that I would be with kids. That made me very happy because it fit with what I had learned in university. But I wasn't very sure. However, when I started the project it was all very different. I didn't understand so well what it was all about. I was assigned to the “Bionic” section. All in all I haven't really done anything there and I felt very useless. Nobody talked to me and I wasn't included in their activities at all.

The kids while they are eating


Gabriela - 6 months



After I have been doing my voluntary service in Germany for 6 months now it is time for a reflection. What has been the way I have come so far, what challenges was I able to overcome and which are still ahead of me. I can hardly believe how much time has already passed. It is amazing to learn more about life day by day and to look at it from a different perspective. I like Berlin a lot. It is a city full of secrets and people who are different than me. The experiences that I have made in Germany so far can be put into different categories.


First off I want to talk about my host family. I feel a lot off gratitude towards them because they support me in living a dream of mine. It is so great to feel like a part of this family who has opened its doors to me and shared habits and private life with me. It is unbelievable how I could come ever closer. I like them a lot and I value them every day. I feel like I have place with them and that I matter to them just as they do to me.



Mauro's first report


Mauro auf dem Feld


Germany, first experiences – May 2012

In a certain way I have already been able to learn something about the way in which people from Germany live. To tell you the truth their life is actually quite different to what I know from Ecuador. The fact that they take off their shows when they enter a house has really astonished me. The comparison seems petty but it was something that I had never experienced like that and that I perceived as a sign of a lack of respect at first, although by now I have come to understand why they do it. Everything becomes comprehensible with time.


Gabys first report

Gaby in ihrer ersten Woche in Deutschlan


Feb 2012

Meine erste Woche in Deutschland war voll von gegensätzlichen Emotionen; von der Traurigkeit meine Familie, mein Land, meine Freunde zu verlassen bis zu dem Gefühl mich an einem neuen, fremden Ort wieder zu finden, wo ich viel lernen werde. Jetzt befinde ich mich an dem Ort, wo ich ein Jahr bleiben werde. Ich bin beruhigt, weil meine Gastfamilie sehr freundlich ist, und sie sich immer versucht verständlich auszudrücken, sodass ich sie verstehe.



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