Volunteers 2012

Gabriela Valenzuela


Gabriela is 24 old and she comes from Cayambe, a little town in the north of the Ecuadorian Andes. Gaby has finished her studies in psychology last year and she has already worked as a volunteer in various educational and cultural projects. Due to the many obstacles on her way to a visa the most commonly used German work in mails from her was  "Daumen drücken" (keep my fingers crossed) until the day of her departure. Now that has finally been awarded with success.

Since February this year Gaby lives in a host family in Berlin Wedding and she works in Hohenschönhausen in one of the branches of the Lankwitzer Werkstätten (Lankwitzer workshops). There she assists people with assigned disability, helps in the kitchen and assist during different forms of therapy.

Mauro Brito Romero

MauroMauro is 23 years old and comes from Baeza in the Ecuadorian rain forest where he has worked as a tourist guide before his departure to Germany. Because in his cries he showed remarkable power and energy already shortly after being born, he was regarded as a revolutionary from his first day on earth and since then he listens to the nickname “Che”.

Since January this year he lives on the Hof Wörme, a Demeter farm on the northern edge of the Lüneburger Heide. Every morning he Is on the field at six o'clock to help wherever he is needed. By now Mauro has even come to appreciate the fresh bread he gets for breakfast every morning to award getting up so early.

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