Volunteers 2014

Andrea Villacis

Warm greetings to everyone! I am Andrea Villacis, I'm from a very beautiful part of earth, too – my Ecuador. The name of my small but cozy city is Riobamba. 

I am a happy person with a lot of energy, I am adventurous and worked on a cultural project for youths together with some friends in Ecuador. I like arts as part of sensitisation to explore your personal growth. I am motivated when I am on the road and can gain new experiences, that enrich my life.

Right now, I am happy to make these experiences as volunteer in Germany, in my new and interesting city of Freiburg. I have made my first steps with my funny family, my work in the kindergarten, with new friends and unforgettable moments.

I am sure, this voluntaryship will leave traces in my life. And I am ready to do my best for a mutual enrichment.

Sudarshan Bhattarai

Hallo! My Name is Sudarshan Bhattarai. I’m 21 and I live in Kathmandu which is the capital city of Nepal. Actually I come from another city - Butwal, where I lived for twenty years.

I am studying Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) at the university in Kathmandu. I’m interested in music, sport, fantasy literature and meeting new people. I am basically a simple , adjusting and fun loving person, whom others consider as sincere and friendly too. I would describe myself as a hardworking and sincere boy.

I am always trying to help people in need. I don't like watching people get hurt and I will defend people that can’t defend themselves! I don't like people who lie or are high and mighty.

Paola Solis

Hallo! I’m Paola Andrea Solís Arana, I’m 23 years old and I come from Ambato, a city located in the center of Ecuador in South America. I am a journalist, but I’m also interested in cultural management and art.

I was selected by the Zugvögel organization to come to Germany as a volunteer. Now I´m in Bayreuth and I’ll spend a whole year here doing a voluntary service at the Iwalewahaus.

I'm really excited about this new experience, I am enjoying my time here and I would like to learn german, learn a lot about other country, learn more about myself and keep a lot good memories in my mind.

I´m Paola, I like to meet new people and share experiences. I believe in honesty, in helping each other and in the endless happiness.


I am Ernest NDAGIJIMANA and a young leader aged 24 years. I like to spend time with people and to listen and respect people’s opinions. I adapt myself in any situation and I have sociability and team working spirit. I like listening to music, doing sports, watching movies and walking to find new areas and experiences.

Richard MUHIZI

My name is Richard MUHIZI, I am 25 years old and I am coming from Rwanda. My interest is it to learn behaviors of different people and to participate also in cultural exchange. I want to know diversity of culture, beliefs and values. My hobbies are sports, musics, whatching movies and reading.

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