Volunteers 2015



Hello, My name is Felipe López; I am 23 years old and study Tourism in the historical city of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Overall, I consider myself to be an outgoing person, always interested in new experiences, to whom friends and family are very important. In my free time I enjoy going for hikes and spending a lot of time in nature. Another very striking aspect of my life is music. I don’t make music myself, but I almost always listed to it, since to me music is a medium of culture. I believe every cultural society has its very own character and point of view. It is an enrichment to ones personality to be able to adapt to those different points of views and to be able to understand another culture. In Germany I will be staying in Lüneburg and help out at “Kinderhaus Hollerbusch”.

There I hope to make some good friends, learn the language and, most importantly, share experiences and exchange cultural values.


Hello friends. My name is Karina Gavin. I am 22 years old. I was born in Riobamba, which is a city located in the middle of Ecuador and which is surrounded by marvelous landscapes of the Andes.

I have lived and studied in Guayaquil since my childhood, a city which is known as the “Perl of the Pacific”. I am a student at the university and I love and enjoy my course of study, which is related to Nutrition and Health.

Once in my university I participated as a volunteer in an ecological project, which was very interesting and left back many learning traces in me.

I am a very happy, social and charismatic person. I am enthusiastic about travelling. I enjoy getting to know new places, learning about their culture, meeting new people, sharing experiences and becoming friends. In my opinion, travelling gives you the chance to see the world with new eyes. I am really happy and enthusiastic about beginning my one-year voluntary service. Very soon, I will meet the children I will work with in the kindergarten in Bremen.

I am sure about the fact that this voluntary service, this intercultural exchange, will have many gains and will be an unforgettable experience in my life.


I am Narayan Subedi and I live in Mahamanjushree Nagarkot Municipality Bhaktapur. I have clear my +2 from Shree Mahendra Gram Higher secondary School of my village and now I am studying BBS in Bhaktapur Multipal campus.

Talking about my interest I am interested on social activities like giving education to children whose parents don't have ability to send them school and also like to involve in the project of agriculture which helps to increase productivity and improve economis condition.And want to help for the elder person. My hobbies is to play different indoor as wel as outdoor games which help for the physical and mental development of people. My aim is to be a well known social worker.I would like to work for the development of the society because it helps the country to run in path of development.





My name is Gloria, I am twenty-five years old, I live in Kigali (the capital city of Rwanda). I have grown up in a two-child family, now I’m living with my mother. I have only one sister who was born in may 1988. I am tall and thin. I have got brown eyes and hair.

I like friendship, helping others and I am used to working hard. My favorite colors is yellow and sky blue.

My major interests are history, science fiction, theatres, connecting with people, helping the needy, volunteering in general.

My hobbies are: watching movies, listenning to gospel music, travelling and exploring, exercising and body building, jumping rope, chilling out with friends.



Hello every body! My name is Patrick MUHIZI, I come from the heart of one of the most interesting continent “AFRICA“ and its country of thousand hills “RWANDA“.

I am a person who enjoys exchanging,metting new people, making new friends, having long walks, landscaping, listening to Music, reading, writting, learning languages, movies, sport, art, travelling, exploring, adventures and making jokes.

I am very excited to start this volunteering experience in Germany, in my new and beautiful city of DRESDEN.

I cannot wait to share my piece of culture with people I will meet and collect important values and cultures I will learn in return and take them with me back home. I am totally convinced that this opportunity will make unforgettable times in my life.

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