Volunteers 2016

Luis Fernando Carguacundo Sánchez


My name is Luis Fernando Carguacundo Sánchez, I am 25 years old and was born in one of Ecuador`s most beautiful cities, Riobamba. I consider myself as a happy and friendly person, I like to impulse people to fight for their dreams, to give a little bit more then they actually can give and to enjoy their lifetime. I am grafic designer I love design, to create, to draw an to transmit ideas an sensations through grafics.

I also get motivation by other art forms, like dance and music. I got my own band, called “Bajo Presopuesto”, where I play the drums and I take part in a dance group called “Ecos de mi tierra” where I dance Tango and Argentinian folk dance. At work I try to share mi skills with street kids. We show them how to use a camera and to take fotos and we help them to do their own documentary or short films. We want to inspire them to study and to obtain a better future. One of the things which I get most energy from is travelling, getting to know new places and people, to share experiences and feelings, just to live.

Pedro Chasi

Hello everyone!

My name is Pedro Chasi, I´m a 23 years old Ecuadorian and come from Cuenca, a small town in the south Andes.

I just finished my studies of tourism, so that now comes the moment for the many dreams and wishes I have. One dream is already becoming true with my year in Germany. In my spare time I am an adventurous and very active person: I love to mountain-bike on the roads and to travel with backpack through my country and to learn something about each place. On each trip I've met a lot of new people and found new friends. Sometimes from other cities and sometimes also from other countries. The experiences we lived and share together, is something invaluable that no one can take you away again.

Another passion of me is music. Right now I'm learning to play the quena, an Andean wind instrument with a very nice sound. In addition, I dance, because by dancing we can express our energy in a way, that shows us how we really are. A book, which to this day impressed me, was "The Motorcycle Diaries" by Ernesto Che Guevara. His experiences while traveling, the new things and places he has come to know and have led to his idealism, are very inspiring for me.

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