Volunteers 2017


Qamkunapah – For you!

This is Qechua from the region Cuzco (Perú).

I am from Ecuador and that is, same as Perú, a country in Latin America. I am a proud Ecuadorian and Latin American and 19 years old. My name is Evelin Jadira Cobo Enriquez. Many call me Eva. I live in the town Ibarra, „the city where you always come back“. A year ago I finished school and then met the Zugvögel. Now I am here; it fills me with great anticipation to realize this volunteer service, to leave some part of me behind, walk the way of my dreams and experience community.

I perceive myself as a very active, independent, social, diligent and open person. I like painting, colours and drawing. Even though I am an amateur, I still love it. It’s the same with photography. Furthermore I love dancing, especially Salsa. My taste of music reaches from Rock over Trova-music and music from my country with lots of instruments from the Andes up to Blues, Jazz, Reggae, piano- and violinmusic and lots of other melodies. I am very intersted in extreme sports. I am not an adrenalin-junkie, but I do like to challenge myself. I’ve done abseiling a few times. Even though I am a little bit afraid of heights, it is an extraordinary experience to be in the air and see everything from a different perspective. When I stay at the ground, I like to participate in free events about the topics of arts and theatre and go to exhibitions and arts and crafts fairs. Also I like to be out in the nature, exchange energy and revitalize myself by exchanging what I have with others.



My name is Romeo and I am a student of social economics. I am 21 years old and I live in San Cristobal de las Casas, in the Mexican state of Chiapas. I am a happy person who likes to get in touch with other people to make new friends. I like to go to cultural and musical events. I am one of those people who believe that you can learn new things every day and who want to share those experiences with others. I care about and I fear for the environment. I like to travel to different places and I like to be surrounded by people of different cultural and national backgrounds.

I am interested in politics and I am convinced that we can achieve some social change if all people participate. It is important to support other people and at every occasion I like to spend my time to help those in need. I believe in the law of attraction and I think that everything that we do ultimately gets back to us. That is why we should strive to do everything as good as we can.


Hello everyone!

My name is Citlally and I am 23 years old. I have finished studying Latin American Languages and Literature. I am from Huixtla, a town in the south of Chiapas. In this town the sunset is as late as 7pm because Huixtla is next to a very large coast and it is widely surrounded by the ocean.

I really like to make experiences that come along with visiting and getting to know different places. Traveling has become a priority to grow spiritually and professionally because it is the only way to step out of the little space that we live in. I am excited about literature, art, culture and music. My contribution is to know about the democratic situation in Mexico and to raise awareness for it. I want to emphasize the needs of the people and to criticize when their needs are not reflected in political processes. Currently my project is to write about topics that concern my generation.

I am very happy that I have been selected to be a volunteer in Germany for 2017-2018. My deepest gratitude goes to Ts'ununetik-Zugvoegel for giving me the opportunity to give my best in responsibly carrying out my duties in the school project. The project I will be working at is the kindergarten “Kleine Welt e.V.”. To me the work with children is important because it is the age when children develop their capabilities and intuition. It is the time when you teach them to become people who care for others and for their environment. I like to teach literature and to teach the habit of reading. I like intercultural exchange and I like to contribute to a constant learning process that we are going to have in the project. By this I will also support the general aim of the whole voluntary service. To me this aim is to impact the human will in order to change the world through better relationships.

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