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Self-image of the committee for political work - Zugvögel - Grenzen überwinden e.V.

A new political self-image

The committee for political work was founded in 2017 as a result of the internal processes
around the political role of the association. With the introduction of the committee structure, two
parallel bodies – the Volunteer Program Committee (FreDi) and the Political Work Committee (PolAr) – were created. Nevertheless, these bodies do not function separately from each other: the volunteer program still takes place within a political context and the political work of the migratory birds is shaped by the common background of experience in volunteering. 

In 2020/21, after we have again addressed the question of the political positioning of the association, the concrete goals of our political work and the internal role of the PolAr committee in the association, we have decided to present the the results of these discussions in an updated PolAr self-conception and a political strategy paper (not yet published).

Self-Conception and Tasks of PolAr

As the PolAr commitee of the association Zugvögel – Grenzen überwinden e.V. we see our central task to enable political work in the group, both internal and externl.

Here we see four central topics:

1. Internal Networking

  • Political work happens mainly in the working groups (WGs) and regonal groups (RGs) of the association. We see our role in keeping track of what is currently happening politically in the RGs and the various groups.  Our goal is that all active Zugvögel  know what is happening politically in the association.
  • We want to bundle resources, e.g. by networking WGs / RGs that are working on similar topics and forms of action. There should be a current action reader, who politically engaged members can call for help. This person will be kept up to date by PolAr. 

2. External Networking

  • We want to promote / enable external networking by sharing appropriate resources within the association (e.g. newsletters, blogs, mailing lists, petitions, organizations with which RGs can network). 
  • The actual networking then takes place via external communications (if at the overall association level) or at the RG level.

3. Political education and political actions

  • Two to four times a year there should be proposals for political education (Pol-Ed-Input) for all RGs / active members of the association. That should be either suggested from PolAr itself or from RGs / active association members in consultation with PolAr.
  • The aim of the PolEd-Inputs is to initiate the discussion of certain political topics on RG and individual level. The PolEd-Inputs or the discussions of the RGs can then be discussed at one of our monthly RG-wide meetings.
  • The content of the PolEd-Inputs and further actions in the association can be oriented on an annual theme. 
  • If there is sufficient capacity and demand, PolAr can initiate political actions on the overall association level. Also, political actions can be  proposed or performed (e.g. initiate an open letter, a public an open letter, organize a public action / event, …)

4. Finances

  • Our task is also to manage the financial means available for the political work of the association. In doing so, we keep track of the funds available to us as PolAr. We offer WGs and RGs to apply for money for political actions or projects. For this purpose we inform the members of the association regularly about the current status of our funding pot. 
  • In addition, we want to support RGs and WGs by providing information on external funding opportunities.
The self-conception of PolAr can also be found here as a PDF.

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