On 24/06/2022 we organized a panel discussion on freedom of movement. The question “How can solidarity within fights for freedom of movement look like?” was addressed by the guests Margarita Rodriguez (Ts‘ununetik), Muhammed Lamin Jadama (querstadtein) and Alassane Dicko (afrique-europe-interact). They discussed the role of power structures in alliances and shared their experiences of cooperation within the fight for freedom of movement. We are very grateful for their inspiring debate and highly recommend listening to the discussion! It can be found here.


Margarita Rodriguez is a sociologist and political scientist, born in Mexico, focuses on political solidarity relations between civil society organizations from the so-called Global South and Global North. Her interests move around specific topics like political education, situated political work, institutional change, and broader topics like Stateless organizations, transmodern practices, and undeveloping the Global North.

Dr. Kate Sheese is a critical social psychologist. She teaches in the areas of qualitative research methods, conflict-theories, and organizational psychology. Her research topics are  issues of moral and psychological costs of labor in crisis contexts with a focus on staff-care needs and context-sensitive structures as well as challenges and possibilities of international solidarity in the context of migration and displacement.

Muhammed Lamin Jadama is a filmmaker and photographer, born and raised in Senegambia Region, todays Gambia. He has lived in Europe since 2008 where he has documented the situation of refugees and immigrants including the 2012–2014 Oranienplatz refugee occupation camp in Berlin. He is interested in showing migration as a multi-face experience that is not limited to those people titled “migrants” by the state.

Alassane Dicko is an activist for freedom of movement and social justice in Mali and describes himself as a „former migrant“. He is a founding member of the transnational network Afrique Europe Interact (AEI) and coordinator of the AEI section in Mali, where he is responsible for public relations among other things.

Lisa Westhäußer, moderation


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