Ideational Partners

While looking for supporters we have come across various projects and organizations we encounter just as worth to support as they encounter us to be. Here we publish the links to the online presence of some of our networking partners because we think that some of their activities might be interesting to one or the other of our readers.

logo nord süd brücken

The foundation Nord-Süd-Brücken promotes projects in the sector of development politics in more than 50 countries. The foundation has established a service point weltwärts, which counsels especially Eastern European organizations, which send weltwärts volunteers. Furthermore, it is one of the most active protagonists in lobbying for the inclusion of a reverse component in the weltwärts program.

bolivien netz

Bolivien-Netz e.V. is an association by former volunteers in Bolivia, interested people and Bolivians living in Germany. They received their first two Bolivian volunteers at the same time as the Zugvögel received their first volunteers.

color esperanza

Color Esperanza e.V. is an association founded by former volunteers who have spent their voluntary service in Peru. They are the first association of former volunteers to have established a reverse program. By now the fourth Generation of Peruvian volunteers has arrived in Germany.


grenzenlos e.V. is a forum established by former volunteers that includes many different projects and organization. It enables the exchange of experiences and is active in lobbying for international voluntary services.

Grenzenlos coordinates the networking of different volunteer groups with the aim of enhancing a better representation of former volunteers in meetings with decision-making powers all around the weltwärts program. It also organized the “undjetzt?!” conference for volunteers who ave come back from their voluntary service.

The NicaNetz is an association of former volunteers that offers seminars to accompany voluntary services above all in Nicaragua and that enhances the networking of participants. It also puts a lot of effort in the representation of interests of the volunteers and they organize networking and education seminars with mentors and tutors in Nicaragua. In addition to that, Nica Netz offers structures that volunteers who come back can use to realize their own projects.

We want to give a hearty thanks to the Sophie-Barat-Schule in Hamburg for their exceedingly generous donation. After two Zugvögel, former students of the school, had presented our association in the festivity on the 60 birthday of the school – the school's directorate presented a check of one thousand Euro to them.

The Fair-Café Eberswalde is a small Cafe owned and organized by students on a voluntary basis, right in the heart of Eberswalde. Once a week they sell Fairtrade Organic Cafe, Fairtrade Cocoa, diverse Tea and home made cakes. Customers pay according to their possibilities and estimations. The profit is donated several times a year to social, ecological and political projects in Germany and all over the world. We give our thanks for the generous donation of 400 €.

The Kulturfusionsreaktor deals with Fairtrade products online, most of all extravagantly designed and very beautiful Nepalese paper products – handmade according to a tradition which is centuries old and comes form the mountains of the Himalaya. On their page you can select an organization which will then receive 10% of the value of your shopping.

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