The heart of our association are the regional groups. They look for host families and projects in their region and accompany the volunteers that work in projects nearby. The regional groups also conduct donation and information events concerning the program or other topics in relation to development politics. Temporary tasks such as organizing general assemblies or seminars are assigned to the different regional groups in rotation.

The orga-team has no decision-making authority. Instead it is commissioned to take care of permanent tasks. It is composed of one responsible person for the finances of our association, one person to administrate the members, two responsible persons for external communications, two for internal communications as well as up to four assessors that support the orga-team.

Futhermore our association is organized in the form of committees which pursue certain topics of the association. Currently there are two committees: the volunteer program committee which concentrates on the organisation and coordination of the volunteer program and the committee for political work that reflects the political position of the association and stirs internal discussion. Here, every member is welcome to join one or several committees.

The communication committee is solely a platform on the internet that facilitates the exchange between the regional groups as well as the coordination of upcoming tasks.