After 11 years of organising South-North Volunteer Services, we as an association have decided to end the program with the 2022/23 group of volunteers completing their voluntary service, i.e. on 01/09/2023. More about this and what happens now can be found here!

Our association, which stands up for intercultural exchange and global justice exists since 2012. We organise a South-North voluntary service, which shall offer an as enriching and interesting time of service as possible to the volunteers, which are sent out by the partner structures from Ecuador, Mexico, Rwanda and Nepal every year.

But by now, we are a lot more: a more and more politically active association, which is determined to stand up against racism and postcolonial structures. Thereby, we try to repeatedly generate attention and stimulate reflection about the topics through different forms of activities. Our voluntary service only makes sense in the long term, if we manage to sensitize people for institutional racism. When connecting the volunteer programme and political work, we are especially enabled to overcome boundaries.


Our partners

We are cooperating with the following partners:




T’sununetik is our youngest partner organisation. The cooperation with the working group which evolved from a student initiative exists since 2015.




The partnership with Rwanda merged fluently from the predecessor organisation Aganyoni Kaguruka to Esperance in 2018. We are happy to be able to again welcome volunteers from Rwanda this year!


Aktiv werden! Get active!

Schau doch mal bei deiner Regionalgruppe vorbei!
Visit your local regional group!

Oder lass eine Spende da! Insbesondere Dauerspender_innen ermöglichen uns das Planen und nachhaltige Arbeiten!
Or make a donation! Regular donations are particularly helpful, as they simplifiy our planing processes.

Außerdem suchen wir immer Gastfamilien und Einsatzstellen!
We are always in search of host families and projects.

Aktuelle Veranstaltungen rund um unsere Arbeit findet ihr im Kalender.
Recents events concerning our work can be found in the calendar.


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