**Trigger warning: The exhibition as well as the following text and links contain descriptions of everyday racism**

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Together with hundreds of Black people in Germany, Dominik Lucha makes visible what often remains unseen: “What you do not see!” addresses the everyday racism experienced by Black people and People of Color in Germany in an impressive and accessible way. In June 2020, after the murder of George Floyd and the BlackLivesMatter protests, Dominik Lucha launched the project on Instagram. On the Instagram channel, Black people can anonymously report on their experiences of racism in Germany – and white people can learn how to become anti-racist. With “What you do nott see!”, a platform was created that bears witness to racism in Germany and makes it unmistakably clear that these experiences are so much more than individual fates. Based on the Instagram format, Dominik Lucha has developed an exhibition that will be freely accessible on the second floor of the library foyer at Leuphana University between April 15 and April 28. Interactive elements on site encourage further reflection and exchange. In addition, there will be an accompanying workshop program by students and external speakers, which invites you to delve deeper into the topics of the exhibition.

Program of events

15.04., 18:30 Opening of the exhibition followed by a casual exchange in small groups

Where? Library foyer, 1st floor


18.04., 16:00 – 20:30 “I feel and that is why I am” – Remembering the Empowerment strategies of Anton Wilhelm Amo: Safer Space/Empowerment Workshop for BIPoC with Andrea-Vicky Amankwaa-Birago (German & English)

Where? Building 9, Room 102

Registration: this way

About 300 years ago, the first Black / African student in Germany grew up not far from Lüneburg. He was the philosopher Anton Wilhelm Amo. Based on his biography, we develop methods together to empower ourselves.

Students/PhD students of color, black Germans, Germans with a migration background, migrants and people who have had or are having racist experiences are cordially invited to this training. The empowerment training gives us the opportunity to get to know each other personally and to get to know the different cultural and political backgrounds. The common starting point is the experience of racism – also with regard to intersectionality. This differs in form, intensity and manifestation. What they have in common, however, is the reason for the discrimination: darker skin color and origin, which serve as a pretext in racism, for example, to define who is and who is not a member of the German majority society.

The focus is on strengthening and uniting us. This involves alternating between information, processing and reflection phases. Different forms of cooperation are planned: in plenary, in groups or in partners, with the help of role plays, worksheets, essays and video contributions.

The event will be held in German and English spoken language.

Max. 20 participants


20.04., 10:00 – 15:00 Workshop on Allyship by Tsepo Bollwinkel (German)

Where? Building 9, Room 102

Registration: this way

Being allied with people affected by discrimination, cultivating a good allyship, is a goal of many people in solidarity. In practice, this is not so easy, and allies are often criticized by those affected.

Using racism as an example, the workshop aims to clarify what allyship could be at its best, where failures and pitfalls lie and what the needs and demands of those affected are.

Max. 24 participants


25.04.24, time to be announced: Creative workshop – A zine on intersectionality with Alisha, Wilma and Makena from the Young Afro Collective

Where? Place to be announced