Donations FAQ – Any questions?

You have made it to the page where you may be wondering if you would like to support our idea with money. Thank you very much for your interest. Of course, we have often received questions and would like to offer you a collection of our answers here. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to address them to our treasurer (at the bottom of this page). So far we have been able to answer all questions satisfactorily.

How are donations used?

If you send us a request for the use of the donation in the area of the volunteer program or in the area of political work, we will ensure that it is used accordingly. If you wish to leave the decision on the use to us, the general assembly will meet at least once a year. The work of the Zugvögel-members is purely voluntary and unpaid. By the way, this also applies to the work of our partner organisations. The only exception is a 450€ employee for the administrative support of our volunteer program (since May 2017). However, like the entire program, 75% of this is financed by the weltwärts program.

How do we use the money in the volunteer program?

As the responsible body, we pay e.g. for flight, insurance, travel, seminar, food and language course costs. In addition, host families can receive financial support and the work of returnees in the sending countries can be supported on request. In case of unsuccessful visa applications, we also bear the legal costs for an appeal. Since May 2017, there are also incurred costs for a part-time employee. We do not wish to conceal the fact that we are currently receiving funding under the weltwärts program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation. 75% of most of the costs declared eligible in the guidelines will be reimbursed this way.

And what do we do with donations for political work?

Donations for political work are used for actions of the committee for political work. The committee informs about current and past actions and events on this subpage.

What other costs do Zugvögel have?

In addition to general administrative (existential) costs, such as official fees, IT/software costs and office costs, money flows into actions of individual regional groups, as well as into the printing of information flyers. With your donation you can also support these activities (see above “How are donations used?”).

Are donations to Zugvögel tax deductible?

Pursuant to donations to us are tax deductible in Germany. Since January 8, 2012, we have been recognised as serving tax-privileged purposes by the tax office for corporations I Brendtschneiderstraße 5, 4057 StNr. 27/682/52596 V053 because we promote international understanding. Please use the contact form below to let us know whether you need a formal donation receipt and where we should send it to. You can also include your address in the reference line. Tip: As far as we know, for amounts under 200€ the bank statement is sufficient as proof.

Direct contact to the treasury: