Hello everybody!

My name is Citlally and I am 23 years old. I studied Latin American linguistics and literature. I am from Huixtla, a city located in the south of the state of Chiapas. In this city, the sun doesn’t set until seven o’clock in the evening because it is located on a large coast and surrounded by a lot of sea.

I like to have very new experiences that visiting and getting to know other places bring with them. Travel has become a priority in order to grow spiritually and professionally, because it is the only way we can step out of the limited spaces we live in. I am fascinated by literature, art, culture and music. I like to immerse myself into our context and to interact with it, to contribute my part. My grain of sand consists in knowing the democratic situation in Mexico and making the population aware of it, standing up for the needs of the people and thus also pointing out the inconsistency of these processes. At the moment I have a project, I write reports on issues that concern my generation.

I am very pleased to have been selected to be a volunteer in Germany in 2017-2018. I am very grateful to the organization Ts’ununetik-Zugvögel for giving me the opportunity to offer everything I am to conscientiously carry out the project in schools. The project where I will be working will be the Kindergarten Kleine Welt e.V., it is a project where you work as a teacher. For me, the work in the education of children is important because it is the age when you have to extensively develop your skills and your feeling. This is how you form sensitive people who act consciously towards humanity and Mother Nature. I like to give lessons in literature and to teach the habitus of literature; to contribute to intercultural exchange according to new cosmovisions and a continuous learning process that we will have in the project. To strengthen the goal of the whole voluntary service: To bring about that the human will can change the world through relationships and relations among people.