Hello, my name is Emmanuel Kayumba. I am 22 years old. I am from Rwanda. I was born in Nyamirambo but I grew up in Cyahafi and live in Kigali. I lived there with my mother and I have a sister, but she got married last year.

Rwanda is a small country located in East Africa and it has a nickname called “1000hills”. So we have 1000hills. When I was a little boy I talked about coming to Europe one day when I was sitting with my friends or family but I didn’t know when and where to go. But now I’m in Germany and I made my dream come true thanks to the Zugvögel.

I am a football player in my country as a goalkeeper and I have played in the national football team under 17 years old. I am an adult who loves to play football and I have other hobbies: watching football matches in the stadium or on TV, listening to music, dancing, forest or lake trips, watching movies or series and I like children.

Now I live in Karlsruhe in Southern Germany. Here in Karlsruhe I work in a kindergarten, where I really like my work. I see myself as a sociable and self-confident person. I like to learn new things to exchange experiences, to become intercultural and to gain knowledge. All this motivates me to participate in this beautiful project.