The Advent season with its countless christmas markets and all the people that roam the streets searching for last-minutes presents, was used by us Zugvögel from Osnabrück to generate a bit of attention and funds and just placed ourselves right in the heart of Osnabrück’s city centre to entertain the passing crowd a bit by playing some of our rehearsed songs. Next to some classics that everybody knows we also played some pieces from other continents to make it a bit more exciting. All in all the operation was a success even though lots of people didn’t even notice us: we had fun and with a hot spiced wine afterwards, your fingers got warmer really quickly. We wish everyone a good start into the new year and hope that we will see you at some of our next events (we want to host a party in April and in January we want to screen a movie and discuss it afterwards)! Or you just come by on a Tuesday at our meetings, we would be glad to welcome you! Winged greetings from your Osnabrookyln birdzz!

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