Hello, my name is Maria del Mar, I come from Mexico and I am 18 years old.

Now that I am in Germany, I often compare Germany with Latin America, because I have met many people from there here, we talk about the differences between the countries. There is a lot I didn’t know before and now, when I realize what a difference there is between Latin America and Europe, but also many similarities, I am totally surprised.

I had the opportunity here to compare education, rules and security. In the supermarket I saw which products are only available in Germany and which I can only find in Latin America.

In Lüneburg I could meet many people from many countries. Something that I am very interested in when I meet someone is their opinion about politics and comparing the different countries, not to find out which country is the best, but to learn what advantages this country has and how this information could be helpful for my country, and vice versa.

I feel very comfortable and happy here, I really like the fact that I am out and about every day with people from different cultures and that I can always learn something new. The same happens when I talk with my host family about my country and Germany, we learn from each other.

Regarding my volunteering service, the first days were a bit difficult because the children and my new colleagues got used to me very slowly. Now everything is going better, the children come to me and have fun playing with me.

I enjoy my work in the day care centre very much because, as I already said, I like children very much and with their help I can improve my German.