I am Natalia Mora Solórzano, I was born in Ecuador- Chimborazo, a province known for being the closest point to the sun. I grew up in Guano, a small town popular for its handicrafts, gastronomy and its mummy from the middle of the 16th century.

I am 29 years old and a Social Communicator with a great interest in education; I am convinced that teaching is a tangible way to change the world.

My free time is dedicated to walking in the mountains, taking pictures because it is very interesting to materialize the memories; and cycling. In addition, I have been involved in interdisciplinary training processes to understand myself and contribute objectively to a good life of all.

I have participated in organizations with a gender focus, in the creation of educational plans through art and recently in agro-ecological projects. Without a doubt, this path has allowed me to broaden my knowledge, strengthen my interests and above all motivate me to seek new experiences.