Paúl Bedón, terrestrial, I am 26 years old. I was born in the heart of South America; Quito, Ecuador.

I am an activist for investment in public, democratic and quality higher education for Ecuador and Latin America.

During my university studies I was a representative of the students of the National Polytechnic University of Ecuador. I am convinced that education universalizes the human spirit, and is a means to build a more just, equitable, and free society.

Currently, my interest, study, and reflection is focused on the depletion of fossil fuel energy resources, and the impact that this would cause on modern society and nature. In addition, questions such as how exploration and possible discovery of resources in other places of our solar system and exo-planets will be treated, are also of my interest. Last year I did an internship at an energy research institute, I learned more about the importance of renewable energy, and the limits of the energy resources our planet has. I hope to form an organization soon that deals with the topic of energy transition and its relation to a new ecological-social-economic system, especially in the countries of the “global south”.

On the other hand, concrete facts -in the last 5 years- have led me to have a deeper approach to the culture and reality of Latin America, and its relationship with the world. Several emotions and dreams arise from knowing that I will be able to get to know a new reality during my volunteer work, and at the same time I will be able to share about the world I breathe.