Schreibe der Regionalgruppe eine Nachricht!

    Our regional group (RG) at the summer meeting 2018 in Erbuch (Erbach)

    Welcome to the Regional Group Osnabrück! 

    We have been in Osnabrück for over a year now and we have grown to a flock of respectable size now. Nevertheless we are always on search for new enthusiastic people that want to become part of our flock! We meet up irregularly, always at different places, so in case you want to participate in one of our meetings, just write an e-mail to us via the contact formular on the left. 

    Last semester we were already pretty active: wie screened the film Concerning Violence, made music for fundraising in the Old city of Osnabrück and searched for potential projects in order to welcome a volunteer next year in Osnabrück. Nevertheless we have big plans for our next semester: We plan anything from political street action on to active participation in the volunteer program of our association until parties for fundraising. By now, we are also an official university initiative and would be glad if you showed interest in our group or our events! 

    Keep your wings up! 

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