“Chaari sesikua jimpó,

(This is an expression in the P’urhepecha language spoken in my region and means “With your permission”)

My name is Aura Celeste, I am 28 years old, I studied philosophy and I have a diploma in photography. I come from Mexico, from an indigenous community (P’urhepecha) located in the state of Michoacán. My community is surrounded by mountains and from there also comes my love for nature, social issues, art and culture. I have shared my concerns with women, youth and children.
One of my greatest passions is photography, especially the photographic documentation of communities in Mexico. On the other hand, I would very much like to start a group with young children to work on philosophy for children in my community, because I believe that this is the fundamental basis for a holistic education. Another of my concerns is to have a cultural space where we can all express ourselves in different ways.
Furthermore, this new experience that I am having is very important for me, because I am learning a new language and also getting to know other ways of life that are new to me. I like to travel, because I believe that it is a way to open new horizons and life perspectives.
I am happy that I am a volunteer in Germany in the project “Mosaique, House of Cultures”, because it is a great experience full of knowledge and my dream is to implement something similar in my community.
I thank the organizations Ts’ununetik from Mexico and the Zugvögel in Germany for giving us young people a great opportunity to exchange ideas about where we come from and what it is like in each of our countries.