We are angry and frustrated about the current situation at Europe´s external borders and in particular about the situation at Camp Moria on Lesbos. But we also feel powerless.

With the project “Art Against Borders” we want to express this frustration in a creative way and hope to  make even more people aware of the emergency that is happening right now. How will it work?: We and everyone else who wants to participate, will create a contribution of any form (word/image/film/dance/music / …) on the topic #LeaveNoOneBehind. Key questions could be: what do you want Europe to hear? What has to change? How do you feel about the current situation?!

For now we´ll collect all contributions in digital form on the Instagram profile of @openallborders. But the aim is to turn it into a real-life exhibition as soon as possible.

We are happy about everyone that wants to express their thoughts and feelings and  shares it with us in this project (anonymously, if wanted).

All questions and contributions can be send to bremen@zugvoegel.org.

Thank you and best wishes from Bremen!!

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