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    We, Association des Jeunes Sportifs de Kigali – « ESPÉRANCE » was founded in 1996, only two years after the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Created by youth in Kigali, the Association ESPÉRANCE is a referring structure for youth movements in the matter of technical support with an aim on realizing active participation of youth in the development of their environment. The actual status of ESPÉRANCE is non-governmental organization (NGO) with 47 local members.

    Esperance is aiming to: Use football as a tool for social inclusion; create new talents and giving opportunities for the future. Motivate the youth in the education process; promote their school’s interest and attendance. Promote solidarity, team work and tolerance, spirit of brotherhood and social dialogue and agreement.

    Volunteerism is our core working philosophy. We have around 40 local volunteers, as we operate in the whole country, and 3 German volunteers who we receive every year through our cooperation with Weltwärt Program/Germany. We do appreciate our cooperation with Zugvögel – Grenzen überwinden e.V.

    Its core programming consists of the following:

    • Gender based violence alleviation program (participants 840),
    • Cineduc methodology training (participants 210),
    • Language courses (participants 347),
    • Talent Development Programs (participants 112),
    • “Wash Your Hands”- Methodology (participants 766),
    • Fighting the Drug Abuse behavior (participants 2990),
    • “Youth Friendly Services” (participants 682).

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EsperanceKigali/

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